Ray- Ban Original Wayfarer vs New Wayfarer


Shop the Original Wayfarer for £99.95

The original and, some say, the best. Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 sunglasses are based on the same specifications as the original 1950’s version. The style has appeared on the faces of countless celebrities and featured in nearly as many films. The larger lenses give that real retro feel. The tilt in the frame can make the glasses difficult to perch

top of your head, but, when you look so cool wearing them, why would you want to?

Shop the New Wayfarer for £87.95

The success of the RB2140 spurred the creation of the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer and they were designed to be smaller and less angular than the Original which was slumping in popularity in the 90s. You’ll see that the overall feel is slightly softer albeit with slightly wider lenses and, they are also up to 7mm shorter than the original.  The frame style is perfect for everyday wear and ideal for placing on top of your head as the sun goes down.


Ray- Ban Original Wayfarer vs New Wayfarer


The colour options for both the Original and New Wayfarer frames offer the two most popular colours (black and havana) but, the Original Wayfarer trumps with intricate patterns and frames in mouth-watering shades – we’ll get to that soon!  Check out some of the frame styles exclusive to the Original Collection.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Frames

Fleck Wayfarer (£108.95)

Shop the Ray Ban Fleck for £108.95

The Fleck Wayfarer frames come in a deep tortoiseshell colour which has been intricately blended with flecks of blue, pink or gold. All variations come with black temple pieces so for those of you who love classic style with a modern edge, they are most definitely a subtle way to style up your look.

Cosmo Wayfarer (£114.95)

Shop the Ray Ban Cosmo for £114.95

Some of the most eye-catching variations of the Original model include those in the Wayfarer Cosmo collection. Inspired by the colours of the galaxy, they feature an out of this world blend of shimmering hues and aptly titled model names like Mercury (metallic azure), Venus (metallic green), Saturn (metallic green/violet), Jupiter (metallic green and pink) and Mars (metallic violet).

Denim Wayfarer (£114.36)

Shop the Ray Ban Denim for £114.36

Just as denim jeans never go out of fashion, neither will the Denim Wayfarer model! Ray-Ban has developed an advanced layering process to wrap the frames in 100% authentic denim and you can choose from a range of colours including dark blue, light blue-violet, green and orange (with matching colour lenses of course).

Leather Wayfarer (£180.95)

Shop the Ray Ban Leather for £180.95

The premium quality design of the Leather Wayfarer  has made this model a stand-out piece amongst the more recent takes on the Original Wayfarer. The frames are decked out in high-quality leather and the premium treatment doesn’t end there, they offer full UV protection. So in addition to looking like the toughest guy or gal on the block, you’ll also enjoy added benefits like enhanced colour contrast and elimination of glare. Choose from a range of colours including black, brown, green and blue.

Other notable frames which are exclusive to the Ray-Ban Original Collection can be seen with the Rare Prints, and Pixel models.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Frames

Whilst not including the extensive range of variations in materials and textures of the Original collection, they do pack the punch with some dazzling and interesting colour combinations and patterns. With that said, let’s introduce the frame styles which are exclusively available with the New Wayfarer model.

Wayfarer Bi-Colour (£81.95)

Shop Ray Ban Bi colours for £81.95

Bursting with colour, the New Wayfarer Bi-Colouradds an exciting element to the inner temple pieces, allowing you to spruce up your look in dynamic colours that will really set you apart from the crowd.

Wayfarer Colour Mix (£99.95)


Shop the Ray Ban Colour mix for £99.95

Crafted in premium acetate, the Colour Mix model is both strong and lightweight. The bold style adds an eclectic mix of colours and will complement a range of styles and personalities. They are perfect for that summer trip with friends and casual city dwelling alike.

Wayfarer Flash (£112.95)

Shop the Ray Ban Flash for £112.95

Glimmering with a spectacular multi-layer coating, the New Wayfarer Flash features mirrored lenses which reflect beautifully.

Try them with tangy orange or mint green lenses.

Ray- Ban Original Wayfarer vs New Wayfarer


The options for lenses are almost the same with RB2140 (Original Wayfarer) and RB2132 (New Model)  models. For both styles, Ray-Ban offers various colours and combinations of lens technology. In most cases, the lenses are made of glass or crystal and sometimes plastic, depending on the model. We would recommend G-15 XLT lenses if you would like a soft and natural look. You’ll also be please to know that the G-15 XLT lenses also use Ray-Ban’s new technology which make lenses super light AND keep optical quality at the highest level possible. Both models also offer polarized lenses, perfect for sensitive eyes or if you often expose your eyes to intense sunlight.


So…which pair to pick? If you’re not afraid of trying something new, you can go with the New Wayfarer model or the bolder patterns of the Original Wayfarer. For classic guys and gals, we’d recommend the Original model. Don’t forget that the Wayfarer now caters for niches and you can also shop the Asian fit version – in both styles!

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